November 5, 2018
By: L. Steven Platt

Shareholder L. Steven Platt has revised Chapter 9: Pregnancy and Family Leave Issues in the Workplace for the publication Employment Termination: Employer Obligations and Workplace Considerations-IICLE 2018 Edition. This current edition is the first of two new editions replacing the Employment Termination, 2013 Edition — the second being Employment Terminations: Procedures, Grounds, and Challenges (scheduled for publication in Fall 2018).

The IICLE 2018 Edition is a valuable guide that provides assistance for attorneys dealing with the challenges inherent in employment termination issues. Chapter topics include federal and state regulations; contractual exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine; employer record-keeping responsibilities; investigation, testing, and privacy of employees; public employees; the rights and responsibilities of attorneys as employees; partners and minority shareholders; criminal law in the workplace; and pregnancy and family leave in the workplace.

Mr. Platt is a frequent lecturer in continuing legal education programs and is also a published author in areas of sex discrimination, employment leave, wrongful discharge and age discrimination.